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This blog has evolved as I have as a maker. It starts at the beginning of my journey where I began to re-tread my tires in the useful lore of micro electronics and the open-source software that can drive them. While building solutions around micro-electronics are still an occasional topic my more recent focus has been on the 3D Printing side of making.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vapor Bath for ABS Print

Now that I am printing ABS at pretty high resolution I wanted to try an acetone bath. 

Obviously the Marvin on the right has been in the bath.   Both Marvins were printed at 0.1mm resolution and once the acetone bath was done the layers had completely disappeared.

My batch consisted of a jam jar with a very small amount of acetone, a wire stretched across the top for a hanger, and the heated build plate of my Prusa I3 set to 80c.  Marvin was in the bath for about 10-15 minutes.

Shiny Marvin was hung with a paper clip which explains the boo-boo in key ring attachment.

There were a couple little imperfections that completely went away in the bath.  Pretty cool.

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