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This blog has evolved as I have as a maker. It starts at the beginning of my journey where I began to re-tread my tires in the useful lore of micro electronics and the open-source software that can drive them. While building solutions around micro-electronics are still an occasional topic my more recent focus has been on the 3D Printing side of making.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Painting Tanks - Side by Side - Complete ... but for Final Touches

Not withstanding the issue with the muted colors (yes, I am spelling like a yank 'cause I am one even though I live in the UK) I still like the way the two tanks are starting to look so I thought that I would post an interim picture.

I am pretty much done at this point though I am looking for a review of what additional weathering should be done (and I need to apply a black shadow to the unit number).   I am also open to input in regards to what else I could improve without a massive repaint!

Click on Image for Larger Version

 Side by Side Notes
3D Print 

Nothing new at this point

Next Post in Series:  Final Final

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