Evolution of a Blog

This blog has evolved as I have as a maker. It starts at the beginning of my journey where I began to re-tread my tires in the useful lore of micro electronics and the open-source software that can drive them. While building solutions around micro-electronics are still an occasional topic my more recent focus has been on the 3D Printing side of making.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Latest Robot Pictures

Here are some of the latest pictures of the 'bot.   We are getting close to the final state now where I can, and need to, focus on the software instead of messing with the hardware!

The white bottle cap is the RGB LED that blinks green for each command loop when we are healthy, once in blue when a command is received, and in red if we have lost the network.   Will also blink SOS if the 'bot software has crashed.

The only major change that I am entertaining at this point is to drive the servo stalk and ultrasonic range finder directly from the RPi GPIO instead of suffering the latency of going through the Arduino.

I would like to move the compass to a direct interface but am not sure about the I2C integration.


  1. Your blog has inspired me to attempt to make something interresting with my newly aquired raspberry pi. Haven't decided on a platform or anything yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

    1. I am certainly enjoying mine! In fact, the original one that I ordered, but got frustrated waiting for, is now on the way so I may end up with two of them. I was going to eBay it but am now thinking "what can I do with another one"?

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