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This blog has evolved as I have as a maker. It starts at the beginning of my journey where I began to re-tread my tires in the useful lore of micro electronics and the open-source software that can drive them. While building solutions around micro-electronics are still an occasional topic my more recent focus has been on the 3D Printing side of making.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ship Update - PCB Design

I am just about ready to send away the PCB design to be FAB'ed in China but needed to do one more bench top validation.  The small breadboard was assembled following the PCB design and did uncover and issue with said design.  I knew there was a reason for doing it!

My ability to print my own PCBs for testing purposes is still in the future but I am hoping that I will be able to do a test or two using the below setup (though obviously not inside the ship)!  You can see a couple other areas that I am still working on.  I still do not have a form fitting battery.  I have a smaller servo but have not fitted it.  I am also working on the motor mount and the servo mount.

Some notes on the PCB.  The elements on the PCB, or attached to the PCB, that drive the ship are as follows:
  • Arduino Pro Mini micro controller,
  • Pololu DRV8833 Dual DC Motor Driver,
  • Pololu S7V7F5 5V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator,
  • Micro Speed Reduction Gear DC Motor,
  • Sub Micro Servo (H-King 282AS),
  • Bluetooth Serial SPP Module (HC06), and
  • Port for Programming via ICSP.
There are also some features designed into the board that my current project does not need.  When I design one of these things I try to leave some latitude for possible additional or extended uses.  In this case there is the capability to use two motors though you do have to run a couple of jumper wires.  I have also exposed terminals for power and for three analog and three digital pins.  There is also a jumper that lets you choose between input power or 5V board power to drive your motors.

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