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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Arduino Nano / LCD Projects Platform - Demo Software

The Arduino Nano shipped with this kit comes with a demo program already installed that assumes you have connected the enclosed DHT-11 temperature and humidity sensor with the data lead connected to digital pin 3 of the Nano.   The included jumper wire can be used for this purpose.   If you have not installed the externally facing six pin header then the jumper wire can be run through the case using the slot provided for that header.

The demo program ilustrates the use of the TFT LCD, the SD Card Reader, the three buttons connected to a single analog pin, and a Temperature Sensor that is provided with the kit for purposes of this example (as well as to illustrate general capabilities of the enclosure).
The program displays a menu that allows for selection of four functions:
  • Display Current Temperature and Humidity
  • Display Historical Graph
  • Adjust Backlight (with setting saved to EEProm Memory)
  • Close Log File and Stop
Note that this is a pretty large sketch and that it consumes 97% of the Nano's memory.   This is probably (at least partially) due to coding techniques that could be improved, however, more memory can be made available if the bootloader is deleted from the Nano with programming of the Nano then done via the ICSP pins which are exposed through the enclosure.  This gets 2K back but is an advanced topic!

Link to Source Code

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